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Earn points for good money habits.
Easy to earn, easy to redeem.

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Instant Approval
No interest, no hidden fees

Get approved in minutes. Simply pay us back on your payday and leave us a tip if you thought the service was helpful.

Cash advance selection amount from $25, $50, $75, to $100

Applying Takes Minutes
Getting funded is simple

Apply and connect a bank account to receive the funds within 3 business days with no interest. Express option available for instant funding.

Bank accounts supported*

Connect any Canadian banks to get payroll early
*Most Canadian bank accounts supported with the exception of Koho and PC Financial. Express option for Tangerine and EQ bank takes up to 24 hours.
Bank connection in Canada for early pay

Automatic Repayment
Pay us back when you get paid

The funds will automatically be taken on your next payday. That is it! We keep it simple.

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automatic repayment on payday