The credit companion for Canadians

Build, monitor and access credit. All in one place.

Credit touches almost every part of our lives and it's kind of like a passport for our financial journey.

Your credit file might be used for rent application, to get phone plans, or to qualify for a mortgage on your dream home.
Trusted by 30,000+ Canadians

Simple & Fast

Get approved instantly without credit check
Access up to $150 interest-free
Avoid falling deeper into debt

Build Credit History

Establish your credit history by making on-time repayments to your credit line

Cover Overdrafts

Get funded instantly (with no interest, no late fees) to prevent overdrafting

No Credit Check,
No Hidden Fees,
No Nonsense

Protect Your Identity

Up to $100k in coverage against hacking & identity theft + credit monitoring included

Made for Canadians

"Easy application for money in case of emergencies. Absolutely the best App for quick and easy funding options. Thank You a million times for being there when in time of needs for me and my family!!! ❤️❤️❤️"
-  Natacha T.

"Great customer service, and extremely ridiculously easy to use. Trustworthy too. Nice ot have when you're short on money"
-Justin D.

"I love the service it literally came through in the clutch thank you Nyble. The process was so easy it barely took 5 minutes. I’ll definitely be using it well into the future"
-  Thomas L.

Get Started

Sign up within minutes. We don't perform credit check, all you need is a valid Canadian bank account with any source of income.

Trusted by 30,000+ Canadians

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nyble work? 

Nyble helps you build credit history, access money when you need it, and protect against identity fraud. You can sign up in minutes get started with a suite of financial tools designed to kick off your financial journey.

How Can I Build Credit History?

Nyble can approve you for an interest-free credit line of up to $150 based on your income instead of your credit score. With on-time payments, you may be able to improve your credit score. There are no interest or late fees, so you don't have to worry about falling deeper into debt.

How Can Nyble Help Cover an Overdraft?

It is hard to get approved for overdraft protection without a good score. Overdraft (NSF) fees costs an average of $48 per occurrence, use your credit line to cover for an overdraft when your low on funds. You have the option to fund directly into your account in a matter of minutes. There are no-interest or late fees.

How Can I Use Nyble Protect?

With Cybersecurity incidents on the rise, there are millions of stolen identities each year. With Nyble, you have access up to $150,000 of digital protection coverage.

Nyble Protect includes:
- Up to $100,000 in identity theft coverage
- Up to $25,000 in ransomware coverage
- Up to $25,000 in social engineering coverage
- Credit monitoring through CyberScout (a TransUnion brand)

Can I get actual funding?

Yes. Unlike secured cards and reverse loan products, which requires a deposit and administration fees, Nyble helps you access a real credit line that you can draw from and count on when you need it.  Once your account is approved, you will always have access.

Why was Nyble created?

Nyble aims to create transparent and accessible pathways for Canadians to achieve their financial aspirations. Designed to solve the hidden and invisible problems faced by everyday Canadians, we want to help Canadians build credit history, access and monitor credit without the need to start with a high score.