Get up to $150 at 0%

No interest, no credit checks, and no late fees.
Cover for an overdraft and build credit history.

Free 14 days trial, then only $8/month. Cancel anytime.

Get Started

How it works

1. Sign up & connect your bank account

Sign up in minutes, and securely connect your primary bank account to get approved instantly with no credit check or pull.

2. Select how much you'll need

Qualify for $30-$150 based on your income.

No interest, no hidden-fees, so you don't have to worry about falling deeper into debt

3. Pay back & build credit history

We report your credit line to the credit bureau, therefore, each time you repay your credit line, it will help you build credit history.

Instant Approval
No interest, no hidden fees

Get approved in minutes. Simply pay us back on your payday and leave us a tip if you thought the service was helpful.

Cash advance selection amount from $25, $50, $75, to $100

Applying Takes Minutes
Getting funded is simple

Apply and connect a bank account to receive the funds within 3 business days with no interest. Express option available for instant funding.

Bank accounts supported*

Connect any Canadian banks to get payroll early
*Most Canadian bank accounts supported with the exception of Koho and PC Financial. Express option for Tangerine and EQ bank takes up to 24 hours.
Bank connection in Canada for early pay

Automatic Repayment
Pay us back when you get paid

The funds will automatically be taken on your next payday. That is it! We keep it simple.

Get Funded
automatic repayment on payday

Why use Nyble

Cover - Overdraft protection

$30 to $150 cash advance to cover overdraft or living expense
Overdraft or Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees can be as high as $48 per occurence. Upon request, Nyble will send you an advance directly to your bank account to help you cover for it.
Avoid bad debt
We understand life has its ups and downs. Instead of getting a high cost payday loan, Nyble will spot you interest free. 
Automated repayment, build credit history
We don't have any late fees and our proprietary technology platform allow us to process your repayment without causing any overdrafts in case you do not have enough funds. With every repayment, we report to the credit bureaus which can help you build your credit history.
.... and much much more!

Frequently asked questions

How does Nyble Protect work? 

Nyble will advance you up to $150 interest-free to your primary bank account. When drawing funds you will be asked to select a repayment date. On that day, we will automatically debit your outstanding balance from your account. Although we don't charge late fees, it is important to repay on time to increase subsequent approval amount and to build your history.

What do I need to get a $150 cash advance? 

You will need an active bank account with a valid Visa Debit card associated with it. You will also need source(s) of income. Having higher employment income and fewer overdrafts (NSFs) and debit will significantly increase your odds of approval as well as your approval amount.

How long does it take to get my advance? 

Approval is instant. Your funds will be deposited into your primary bank account within 3 business days with a standard advance or instantly (within 30 minutes) via our express funding option.

How do I pay back the advance?

The outstanding balance on your credit line will be automatically withdrawn via your debit card or via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) on your selected repayment date. In order to avoid overdraft (NSF), make sure to have a valid Visa Debit card on file and have your full balance amount in your account on that day.

Are there any interest or fees? How do Nyble make money? 

In order to access Nyble Protect, you will need an active membership. There is a free 14 day trial. After the free trial, Nyble charges $4.99 to $7.99 monthly depending on your plan, you can cancel anytime. Your membership also includes Digital Protection, access to our network of lenders, a financial coach, rewards and more.

If you need your money urgently, you may opt-in for an express funding option. If such is the case, a small fee ranging from $2.99 to $5.99 depending on the funding amount will be added to your outstanding balance. This will help cover the more expensive transaction cost with our payment partners.

What is Nyble trying to achieve?

We want to help Canadians access, monitor and build credit without the need of a credit score. We're on a mission to empower Canadians financially by offering interest-free cash advances to our customers and help them avoid overdraft fees, bad debt and payday lenders.


Cash advances of $300 for 14 days can cost up to $51. Our mission is to provide a cheaper, friendlier and, more accessible alternative.